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I will be taking a break from the vast majority of the internet for an unspecified amount of time, starting tomorrow morning. Computery things I will let myself do if I want to:

  • Talk to Emily
  • Write my 750words
  • Reply to the two letterlike emails I'm sitting on
  • Tick stuff off in HabitRPG
  • Listen to That One Song I'm transcribing
  • Watch Crest of the Stars with Emily
  • Things not on this list that are obviously necessary for and not distracting from the non-internet things I am trying to do.

Computery things I will not be doing:

  • Checking email
  • Doing anything ambiently or unfocusedly
  • Anything not listed

Other stuff I will be trying to do:

  • Read at least two books
  • Random guitar flailing
  • Poking at plants
  • Meditating1
  • Hopefully other stuff. Maybe even drawing????

It is much too easy for me to waste oodles of time reading blog posts and wiki articles that I'm not going to remember for long anyway. I also have a bad habit of quashing my own beliefs and intuitions when people tell me to. This is a bad combination. Some memetic isolation will be good for me.

1I have tried to "meditate" properly many times before, proper posture trying not to think etc. I realize that non-judgment and self-kindness are the entire point, but trying to meditate "properly" gets me very distracted and frustrated because I'm trying too hard at not thinking. What I do instead is sit however I feel like sitting and just... let thoughts happen without letting them take on a life of their own? Kind of just, experiencing the soup my brain brews up when I'm not letting it get new inputs or stuck in feedback loops. Also I constructed an entity that watches my thoughts with me and kindly tells me to stfu and focus on my breath again when I get distracted.

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