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There was a big, gusty thunderstorm on Monday night, which knocked out the power but good. As of Monday morning, the power has yet to be restored. I am perfectly safe, if a bit greasy (no power also means no running water.) I'm writing this from Le Dad's workplace.

My flight to Vancouver Island is tomorrow. The power being out meant I couldn't dry all the laundry I did or get to my to-do list, so that's been annoying! The house will be no fun to come back to if we can't do some dishes, and all the food in the fridge will have to be thrown out if the power doesn't come back on. Auggghhh.

Right now I have internet and devices are charging up and I have books and coffee. Right now is pretty okay; it can stay.

EDIT: WHOO there is now a generator! With luck we shall not return to fuzzy dishes!
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