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  • I returned from the Canadas. That was a while ago, whoops.
  • I am two decades old as of yesterday! Le Dad and I went canoeing in the Kankakee River and had sushi, and this morning I had the taaaastiest mushroom+asparagus crepe. No longer am I technically a teenager!1 I can feel less awkward about revealing my age!
  • I seem to be on track to move in the beginning of August. I finally got the right documents together to open a bank account, I'm in talks with a couple of people about rooms for August, and I haven't got too much packing to do.
  • Kinda stressed. Definitely under time pressure. Waiting for a bunch of stuff I can't control to come together.
  • I will now pack a box. Packing a box is a thing I can control.
  • I wish the weather was cool enough for me to want tea.

1 In base 10. Fuck, in dozenal I've got four more years to go.

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27/7/14 20:07 (UTC)
steorra: Restaurant sign that says Palatal (linguistics)
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but in dozenal there are no teenagers because teen is a decimal-based unit

I like base 12. I made a way to count on my fingers with it, years ago. I sometimes still use it.

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28/7/14 04:15 (UTC)
steorra: Rabbit with a pancake on its head (random weirdness)
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Did I tell you my method before? Because yeah, I can get to 12 on one hand.