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each sealed with a different color of ribbon. "I think these are related to your research," she says. "Go on, open them. As many as you like."

Which do you want to read first?

  • The scroll with the dark blue ribbon. Something about the Battle of West Doroway. [I'll post about finishing up my English class and my plans for next quarter.]
  • The scroll with the emerald green ribbon, about the Order of the Carnation and the Order of the Inkpot. [I'll post about club stuff and my experiences with organization/leadership.]
  • The scroll with the red velvet ribbon. Something about the Count's affair with the Earl of Birnwood. [I'll post about new boyfriend eee.]
  • The scroll with the yellow ribbon, about the city's Festival of Longnight celebrations. [I'll post about my social plans for December.]
  • The scroll with the black ribbon, about the Battle of Silvermount. [I'll post about job stuff, namely, not having one and not knowing what to look for.]
  • The scroll with the multicolored ribbon, written in an indecipherable script. "Oh, that one's special," says the wizard. "It'll tell you anything you want to know, if you ask the right questions." [I'll post about anything you tell me to!]
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I was going to be a total overachiever about this update, but I have an essay due and a party to throw and that just does not look like it's happening while life marches on, so here's another dashed-off update for all y'all.

I'm trying to establish residency to get in-state tuition next year, so for this first year I can't exceed 6 credits at a time. For this first quarter, I'm taking English 101, which is 5 credits. So far I am very glad to be starting at community college. My class only has 20-something people in it, and it's taught by an actual professor, whom I so far like a lot. (She is also an advisor for the Queer-Straight Alliance!) Class is Monday-Thursday in the afternoons, so uh, it is very good that I do not have to deal with getting up early consistently on top of generally readjusting to school.

I've joined the aforementioned QSA (which is full of ridiculously lovely people), the anime club, and the writers club; I have something going on on-campus every weekday. I am consistently astonished by how many people seem to want to be my friend, and by my newfound powers of fearlessly talking to people.

I'm currently working on my first essay. It is... very hard. I only need a thousand words, but they are trickling out of me so slowly. It's like... it's not just procrastination and perfectionism, though it is that. It feels like my brain discards bad sentences before they even reach consciousness. Turns out, it's pretty difficult to write a thousand words that are actually pretty and fit together in two days!

I think it's possible that I would have an easier time with more research- or opinion-based papers, rather than the wibbly "reflective description" I'm meant to be doing, because then it's easier for me to know what I mean to say before I say it. When I'm supposed to be talking about myself and my internal mental state, I can try to plan things, but I don't really know what I think until it's out there, and then the piece leads me somewhere I couldn't have planned.

Emily and I threw a housewarming party on Saturday! (yeah, it ate into essay time a bit.) Around 15 people came, mostly QSA people and others around the college, plus my sister. We spent most of the evening in a tangled heap on the floor, playing card games and petting each other's hair. It was exactly as fabulous as it sounds.

Today I am sick. I continue essaying. Wish me luck.
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I have been SO BUSY for obvious reasons. Quick bullet points so I feel less awkward when I talk about other things:

  • Met up with assorted Seattle people: you know who you are! Good times were had. Also, ridiculously good ice cream. Also, ridiculously good chocolate. I shall return someday, time and money permitting.
  • Arrived in Bellingham, moved my stuff into house-of-the-month. Have not passively imploded with housemate conflicts! That is just about a first.
  • I was working on a post in Notepad, to the tune of 1,500 words. Some updates insisted upon installing themselves. I hadn't saved. AAAAAAAAAAA. I will attempt to rescue it later.
  • Change of plans: Proooobably going to be attempting to college in the fall (i.e. in a few days), not the winter. I am so tired of putting off school, it is going to happen now.
  • I looked at an apartment, and I made the mistake of falling madly in love with it. Emily and I applied, with some trepidation as to whether or not we would get it. I was waiting to be denied and feel my heart break.
  • Picked a big sack of blackberries and baked a pie, and it was good.
  • AAAA WE GOT THE APARTMENT and there was much rejoicing. It's ours on Friday!
  • I will have the same address for more than two months. It has been so long! It'll make sense for me to try to make my life nice and not just... vaguely functional!
  • Cousin the Middler and Cousin the Elder have entered the Circle of Trust. I can facebook properly. (if I decide to give you this link, thanks in advance for being cool.)
  • I have an Emily with me right now. And she's not even leaving in two weeks!

Emily arrived just last night. Having her, here, still feels a little unreal, like, surely she'll have to go away again soon? Surely we must scramble to fit in everything we want to do together, surely we can't just go about our lives? How can it be true that her home is with me, now? How can it be true that I'm the person she comes back to, not the person she's just visiting? I still catch myself thinking like she's going to leave, and then I realize she won't, and I smile. And hug her.

(as I was writing this post, this transpired:
"Are you typing up a storm?"
"Not that much of a storm."
"Oh, are you typing up a drizzle?"

I will likely continue to be too busy to write the kinds of posts I would like to write for some time. Are frequent short posts a thing that would be appreciated while that's going on? I worry that random life-updates are boring, but currently the alternative is silence.