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(a most ineffective means of posing a question)

Who are you?
I'm Mathemagical Schema, or Sidney, or Sid. You probably know me already. Lucky you!

What if I *don't* know you?
Are you sure? You could have been acquainted with my past life. Otherwise, you should know that I am inclined to ramble about my life, my brain, the internet, being queer, and sometimes music. Aside from that, anything you need to know should present itself when you need to know it. Such is the way of things.

Why am I here?
Here, on Dreamwidth? Dreamwidth has been my internet home for years now, and has led to me meeting some of my favorite people. I appreciate, among other things, that the privacy settings are worth a damn, and it feels (socially) like the best things about web 1.0.

Here, like, on this planet? beats me, man, that's an awfully deep question to be asking someone on the internet. I mean, why are any of us here, really?

What even is your username
A reference to Metamagical Themas (not to be confused with thetamagical memas), Douglas Hofstadter's old Scientific American column. Also, a perfectly reasonable name for someone with predilections for long-range planning, applied rationality and self-awareness, chaos magic, and mild math nerdery.

woah dude what if life was just like
this incomplete and inconsistent axiomatic system
but with like, all these other parts that are unpredictably driven by the wishing power of the heart
and everything's all planned out but we can still mess it up
life is like, a mathemagical schema, or something

Why did you start this journal?
Lots of my meatspace friends have become long-distance, some of my internet friends are going to become in-person friends, and the whole online/offline distinction was getting very wibbly and troublesome. This lets me downsize my triple-life to only a double-life - exciting!

I think that says it all, really. I don't even know why I'd bother posting again.